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OPENAIR: a step change in noise reduction

Le Bourget, June 17, 2009Snecma announced today the launch of the new European research program OPENAIR (OPtimisation for low Environmental Noise impact AIRcraft), bringing together representatives of the European aviation industry. [more ...]



SILENCE(R): a major step towards aircraft noise reduction

The final meeting of the European research project SILENCE(R), bringing together representatives of the European aviation industry, is taking place in La Baule (near Saint-Nazaire, France). Over the last six years, SILENCE(R) has focused on the development of aircraft noise reduction technologies. [more ...]



European Aerospace Industry Team to Reduce Aircraft Noise

Building on previous improvements in performance, the “X-noise”cluster of research projects involves 32 organisations in nine European countries and aims at achieving further significant reductions in aircraft noise.

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