Third Open Russian Conference on Aeroacoustics, near Moscow, 30 Sept - 4 Oct 2013

Date: 31-05-2013 (6 yrs old)


Conference organized by TsAGI

The Third Aeroacoustics Conference will be held from September 30 to October 4, 2013, in the RAS Hotel “Zvenigorodsky” (about 40 kilometers from Moscow). This Conference has been organized by TsAGI since 1962 and this is the third time that the Conference has been open to participation by scientists from abroad. The Conference brings together researchers, engineers and scientists working in the fields of aeroacoustics and aviation ecology and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss results, trends, and perspectives.

Moscow Branch of TsAGI invite you to take part in the Conference. During this conference, the problems of noise abatement for aircraft and helicopters will be discussed, to ensure compliance with ICAO and EC noise regulations. Discussions will be conducted on the following topics:

  • Aircraft and helicopter ground noise, and aircraft engine acoustics;
  • Interior noise of aircraft and helicopters;
  • Aerodynamic noise sources in aviation;
  • Innovative methods in aeroacoustics;
  • Computational aeroacoustics;
  • Aviation ecology.

On purpose to prepare the conference in time please send yours proposals about  inclusion of your paper in the conference program prior to 15 April 2013. You should also mention: the title of your presentation, your name, family name, telephone number to contact you and e-mail. We intend to publish thesis collection for this conference. Thesis for your presentation  should be sent to us prior to 1 June 2013.


Chairman of organizing committee:

Head of TsAGI Acoustics Department

Prof. V.F. Kopiev