2006 X3-Noise Workshop Dublin

Jet Noise Prediction Methodologies and Recent Developments

The 2006 X2-noise Workshop coincided with the10th CEAS Aeroacoustics Committee workshop. There were 68 delegates coming from most EU countries, including aspirant states: Japan, China, Brazil and the US, with a good attendance from the industry sector including Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Snecma and Volvo.
There were two keynote lectures and four sections: CDF, Analytical and Semi-Empirical Methods, Experimental studies and Source Modelling. Although there was intense debate on a range of issues, a general consensus that there was an urgent need to use a combination of computational and experimental methods to seek to identify the most important mechanisms of sound production in jets.
This Workshop was also the 1st Scientific workshop of the EU co-ordination action X3-Noise.



Location: School of Engineering Trinity College Dublin Ireland

Date: 28/29 September, 2006

Co-chairs: John Fitzpatrick, Trinity College, Ireland
Craig Meskell, Trinity College, Ireland

Programme: download


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