2005 X3-Noise Workshop Stockholm

Active Control of Aircraft Noise: Concept to Reality

The 2005 Scientific Workshop was held on November 10 and 11 at KTH in Stockholm and  was devoted to "Active Control of Aircraft Noise: Concept to Reality".
70 people representing 17 countries attended the workshop, which featured 3 keynote speeches (including one from the US) and 17 contributed papers. The programme was divided into four sessions: Interior noise,  Airframe Noise, Jet Noise and Fan noise.

The  workshop  was  concluded  by a panel session addressing Airframe Noise,  Jet  Noise  and  Fan Noise the following issues :

  • Will concepts ever be a reality?
  • Breakthroughs needed?
  • Physical understanding, actuators, sensors, control systems? 
  • Flow control?
  • Steady or unsteady?
  • Structural actuators?
  • Acoustic actuators?
  • Active control or adaptive ”passive control”?

Location: KTH in Stockholm

Date: 10/11 November, 2005

Co-chairs: Hans Boden (KTH) & Urban Emborg (A2Acoustics)

Programme: download


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