2003 X2-Noise Scientific Workshop Prague

Aeroacoustics of Supersonic Transport

The  2003 X2-NOISE Workshop, coupled with the 7th CEAS-ASC Workshop, was held in Prague. The workshop was attended by some 35 participants and attracted significant  international participation from manufacturers (EU, US, Japan, Russia) as well as European and US certification agencies. Contributions were distributed along two main subjects : “Takeoff Silencing” and “Sonic Boom Mitigation”.

The subject picked up a lot of interest with positive developments on sonic boom reduction in the US and the issue of future rules highly put back on the ICAO CAEP agenda for the next three years.
Major issues were addressed during the final discussion between academy, industry and authority representatives. On the question of supersonic flight over land, there was a consensus that more research and experimentation is needed to establish the level of acceptability of sonic boom.  Such an acceptance is likely to be less probable for big transports.

Location: Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 13 /14 November, 2003

Programme & abstracts: download


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