2003 X2-Noise Scientific Workshop Geneva Airport

Environmental Interdependencies

A workshop on "Environmental Interdependencies" was jointly organised by Aeronet II and X2-Noise in February 2003 and kindly hosted by IATA at its Geneva Airport facilities.

The principal aim of the workshop was to examine jointly noise and emissions interdependence and trade-off issues relevant to reducing environmental impacts from aviation, addressing both local and global impacts and including specific emissions trade-off issues, such as NOX v CO2.  Immediate perceptions versus long-term sustainability were also deemed to be important topics for consideration. At last, it endeavoured to explore ways of improving communications between the noise and emissions communities and to define areas for future co-operation, possibly through further workshop action.  Representatives from the various sectors within aviation, including airlines, airports, airframe and aero-engine manufacturers from Europe, the USA and Japan attended the workshop.

Location: Geneva Airport, Switzerland

Date: 13 - 14 November, 2003

Programme: download