2002 X-Noise Scientific Workshop Athens

From CFD to CAA

The 2002 Scientific Workshop was held on November 7 & 8 at the National Technical University of Athens, under the heading: "From CFD to CAA".

It was attended by some 60 participants including speakers from EU, USA and Russia and the closing session was devoted to an open discussion on the perspectives of Computational AeroAcoustics. As part of the sponsoring offered by Multi-Science, the publisher of the International Journal of Aeracoustics, peered reviewed papers will appear in one or two special issues.

Location: NTUA Athens, Athens, Greece

Date: 7 - 8 November, 2002  


From Computational Fluid Dynamics to Computational AeroacousticsWorkshop Programme

Paper 1 -  Christopher Tam  
Multi-Size-Mesh Multi-Time-Step Dispersion-Relation-Preserving Scheme and its Application to Jet Engine Acoustic Liner Simulation

Paper 2 -  Christophe Bogey, Christophe Bailly
Direct computation of the sound radiated by high Reynolds number jet

Paper 3 -  John A. Ekaterinaris
Aeroacoustic Predictions Using High-Order Shock-Capturing Schemes
Paper 4 -  Mehdi R. Khorrami, David P. Lockhard, Fei Li
Computational Aeroacoustic Analysis of a Landing Gear

Paper 5 -  Mohammad Ebrahimi, Mohammad Farshchi, Siamak K. Hannani
Linearized Acoustic/Viscous Splitting Technique for Low Mach Number Computational Aeroacoustics

Paper 6 -  Christophe Bailly   
Role of the direct calculation of noise in aeroacoustics.

Paper 7 -  I. Abalakin, A. Dervieux, T. Kozubskaya  
On Computational Efficiency of Euler Based Models in Free Flow Aeroacoustics

Paper 8 -  Xavier Gloerfelt, Christophe Bogey, Christophe Bailly  
A Case of Intermittency in the Noise Radiated by a Turbulent Cavity Flow

Paper 9 -  Johan B. H. M. Schulten  
Further Development of a Method for Computational Aeroacoustics Based on Characteristics

Paper 10 -  B. Basel, Claus - Ditier Munz, M. Grunewald
Solution of the 3D Linearized Euler Equations for Acoustical Propagation around Bodies

Paper 11 -  A. Crivellini, F. Bassi
A Three Dimension Parallel Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Study  of Acoustic  Propagation Problems.

Paper 12 -  Ferri Farassat  
The Role of Analytical Methods in Computational Aeroacoustics

Paper 13 -  T. Lyrintzis  
Integral Aeroacoustic Methods: From the near-field to far-field

Paper 14 -  L. Morino, G. Bernardini, M. Gennaretti  
A Velocity-Potential-Based Boundary-Element Method for the Aeroacoustic Analysis of Bodies in Arbitary Motion

Paper 15 -  Manuel Kessler, Siegfried Wagner
Acoustic Analogy Aeroacoustics
Paper 16 -  A. S. Morgans, T. P. Hynes , S. A. Karabasov, A. P. Dowling,
Transonic Helicopter Noise

Paper 17 -  Xin Zhang  
Computation of Sound Radiation from an Exhaust Duct

Paper 18 -  M. C. M. Wright, B. J. Tester, A. Mc Alpine  
CAA methods applied to liner splices and other circumferential impedance non-uniformities in cylindrical ducts with flow

Paper 19 -  James Hamilton, Jeremy Astley  
Numerical solutions for turbofan inlet acoustics using time domain finite and infinite element

Paper 20 -  M.Snellen  
Computational Aero Acoustics applied to Predict Braodband Noise from Exterior Components of Road Vehicles

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