2007 X3-Noise Seminar Rome

Noise Technology

The X3-Noise International Technology Seminar was held on May 24 on the premises of Roma Tre University, It was attended on an invitation basis by 38 participants, representing Research Establishments and Industry from the major aircraft manufacturing countries, i.e. Brazil, Canada, EU, Japan, Russia and USA.

The first session featured general presentations of major national / regional aircraft noise research initiatives, with a particular emphasis on research goals. The second session focused on specific technology areas for which the respective status in Europe and US was reviewed, emphasizing the technical approach, the potential noise reduction, the key drivers for successful development and implementation, and the anticipated milestones.

A final concluding session led to emphasize the wealth of material covered, paving the way for a future ICAO noise technology workshop and review. A similar event organized in 2001 within the frame of the X-NOISE project, eventually led to the organization later that year of the first ICAO CAEP Noise Technology Workshop.

Location: Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy

Date: 24 May, 2007

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