2004 X2-Noise Seminar Manchester

Synergies with National Programmes

The 2004 Seminar was held May 13 and 14 at the Manchester Metropolitan University and was devoted to: "Synergies with National Programmes". 

The 2004 X2-NOISE Seminar focus on the opportunity to overview of needs and programmes by industry and of noise research programmes by research establishment and university. About 70 people attended the seminar. The first day, presentations reviewed the on going activities from universities, research establishments and industries. The second day, parallel sessions reviewed the research activities founding 6 technical areas to add: Turbomachinery Noise, Duct Acoustic, Jet and Combustion Noise, Active Control and Acoustic Liners. The output from these parallel sessions has been incorporated on X2-NOISE roadmaps.

Location: Manchester, England

Date: 13-14 May, 2004

Programme: download