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The National Focal Points act as individual subtask leaders, implementing a common workplan to support the recurring activities and to take on a specific set of actions aimed at improving the integration of the research community.Some NFPs act additionally for other countries or for whole regions. If you want to contact your National or Regional Focal Point, click on the list.


List of National and Regional Focal Points

Click on the links to either go to the NFP homepage (if available) or to contact the focal point.

Nation / Region                                                Focal point                                
Baltic Region NFP website Aleksandras Jagniatinskis contact form
Belgium NFP website Yves Detandt contact form
Czech Republic & Slovakia NFP website Ondrej Jiricek contact form
France NFP website Denis Gely contact form
Germany & Austria NFP website Lars Enghart contact form
Greece NFP website Christos Koimtzoglou contact form
Hungary NFP website Attila Nagy contact form
Ireland/Eire NFP website Gareth Bennett contact form
Italy   Massimiliano Di Giullo contact form
Mediterranean Region NFP website Tamer Elnady contact form
Netherlands NFP website Harry Brouwer contact form
NIS Region NFP website Oleksandr Zaphorozhets contact form
Nordic Region NFP website Urban Emborg contact form
Poland NFP website Antoni Niepokolczycki contact form
Portugal NFP website Luis Campos contact form
Romania & Balkan Region NFP website Sorin Gabroveanu contact form
Russia NFP website Victor Kopiev, Yuri Khaletsky contact form
South American Region NFP website Samir Gerges contact form
Spain NFP website Nico van Oosten contact form
Switzerland NFP website Herve Lissek contact form
United Kingdom NFP website Alan McAlpine contact form
Bulgaria   Ivanka Zheleva contact form
Slovenia   Sonja Jeram contact form

Other National Contacts

Nation / Region                                                Focal point                                
Israel   Jacob Postolsky contact form
Turkey   Yusuf Ozyoruk contact form